Dani Scharpf – Stuff This

Blakey who played bass for SUBTXT also wrote a track for this lady.
SUBTXT volunteered to act as the band in the video which was filmed in the railway arches in Brixton.
After filming we went for a celebratory drink, when we returned the gates were locked and no-one had a key.
After ages we managed to find out where there was a hidden key and sent the skinniest of us under the gate to retrieve it.
For a while it looked like we were going to be sleeping rough in Brixton, thankfully we made it home (despite the driver being pulled for speeding on the M3 lol).

SUBTXT Bio – Blakey

Chris Blake (Blakey): Bass Guitar

SUBTXT - Blakey
SUBTXT – Blakey

“Blakey was born and the world changed forever. Coming from a background of bass driven ska punk his bass lines form more than just the rumble to be felt and not heard. Something different happens when his fingers move, he is one of those few bass players that captivate when playing alone. So when surrounded by SUBTXT’s collection of influences his sound does more than complete the rhythm section it completes the band. There is melody here, it will find you and you should let it.

Blakey has been the first stop for many artists looking for a new song. He is a prolific song writer, writing for more bands than he has been a member of. As founding member of SUBTXT, his song writing was a major driving force in attracting the other members to join”.