The Never Quite

I came up with the name for this project after it finished. We did manage to play live at The Portman Hotel, Bournemouth.
A long time ago, I started jamming with Mat Dyche, just messing around with guitars.
Mat would write these great little tunes and I found I could just find something simple to go over the top.
I miss our jams but Mat got absorbed by his life and kids and music fell away…

Dani Scharpf – Stuff This

Blakey who played bass for SUBTXT also wrote a track for this lady.
SUBTXT volunteered to act as the band in the video which was filmed in the railway arches in Brixton.
After filming we went for a celebratory drink, when we returned the gates were locked and no-one had a key.
After ages we managed to find out where there was a hidden key and sent the skinniest of us under the gate to retrieve it.
For a while it looked like we were going to be sleeping rough in Brixton, thankfully we made it home (despite the driver being pulled for speeding on the M3 lol).

Si Genaro Vs. Future Revival – CHICKEN TRAIN

I dressed up and joined in for the filming of a local hero – Si Genaro.
The song was put together after a rough version was performed on The Voice.
Bournemouth council lent him the land train and a driver making it a hilarious day of fun.
It had been raining for weeks and the morning of the filming the sun came out.
Moments after finishing the heavens opened again for several more days.
Would you believe this was actually filmed in February?!

Hypercentric – Stalagmite Stairs

Spin off from Attempting Fate – a much more chilled style.

Performed by:
Dadamas – Synth.
TheOneTrueVlad – Darbuka.

Zymosis Tracks

This was my first band from back in 1992 when I was 15 years old. It started when Giles suggested we form a rock band and become famous. Naturally he had been playing guitar for a year at that point and was getting pretty good!
So the next person to get a guitar could be the guitarist, and Alison stepped up to the plate. Rob picked up the bass which left me as the singer.
Could we find a drummer anywhere? Could we hell!
So one day I joked that I should do it and that turned into anything but a joke.

The band has been coming and going with a multitude of names:
Waste of Space
Immortal Angel
Many Splintered Thing

Interestingly I don’t think I even played with the group under the last name that the music below is listed under, but at least you get to hear it.
Dead Cat was in fact written by me and I even sang it too!