1992 to Current

The Original Project

Back in 1992 at age 15 I found a music program called Protracker that ran on my Amiga computer. I set about making music and wildly experimenting with the limited features of the software. Over 2 years I managed to write quite a few songs that I really liked. Not to everyone’s tastes as they are cheesy 4 channel (2 left/2 right) 8-bit creations. I still love them though and maybe you will too?

The Current Project

Many years later using FL Studio (I started when it was Fruity Loops), I had another go at electronic music. Sadly I don’t have the time or the inclination to learn how to edit synth sounds or produce something amazing. Electronic music needs to be so well produced I just don’t have the opportunity to get good enough to make me happy. But I have a few tracks that are unfinished that you might like. They show what my writing style is and maybe you can still enjoy them even if the production is rough as a teenagers first hangover.

Idiosyncrasy - Idiot Secrecy [Album]

Way back in the distant past when I was merely 15, I started to write music on my Amiga using Protracker. Later I managed to salvage some of the recordings from a cassette before they degraded too much. I released the songs under creative commons license and you can: Listen to and Download the album here!

Idiosyncrasy - Work in Progress

Far from finished, but here’s a little taster of my ideas and style: