SUBTXT – Conflict of Interest [Single]

The debut single from SUBTXT – sadly the only track we managed before the band split up. A real shame because this could have gone somewhere!



Performed by:
Niccy G:
Vocals and Lyrics
Raph Lee: Guitar, Synth and Production
Chris “Blakey” Blake: Bass Guitar
TheOneTrueVlad: Drums
Tom Phippard: DJ

SUBTXT Bio – The Band

Left to right: Vlad, Chris, Niccy, Dave, Raph.

“Between the lines of Rock and Electro, SUBTXT encompasses more than two obvious genres. Five diverse members and Five diverse backgrounds bringing influences you won’t expect into one handy place. Spanning genres is not all, the band spans three towns across two counties on the south coast of England. Separated by tastes, joined vision. Separated by location, joined by goals”.

“This music surrounds you with melodies that interweave in harmony. The sounds drive you forward but you must go back because there is more every time. Many layered people making many layered songs for many layered listeners. Join us on the wire and don’t fall between the lines. Are you going round in vain or is there a purpose? Listen and learn, if you can”.

SUBTXT Bio – Niccy

Niccy G: Singer and Lyricist

SUBTXT - Niccy G
SUBTXT – Niccy

“Petite and feisty might be the obvious place to start describing front lady Niccy, but that does not get you anywhere near the depths untold. You’ll find it hard to get past that dry sense of humour to what is her essence by the direct route. Luckily all you have to do is listen to her lyrics and it becomes clear there is a sharp mind at the wheel. If you think you understand her lyrics you haven’t grasped how the band name describes her perfectly. Go and listen again and see if you can find the truth in the message.

Her meticulousness doesn’t stop with the lyrics, her melodies have to carry the words to the listener exactly right or the song just isn’t happening. Niccy is taking the classic dance vocal style to exciting new levels with her range and progressions”.

SUBTXT Bio – Raph

Raph Lee: Guitar and Production


“Hard Rock found Raph young and it never let go. While his father tattooed people’s skin, the music tattooed Raph’s brain. Now the music just won’t stop coming out and an epic new band was needed to absorb and shape the sounds. Not content with just the rock of his past Raph has delved into electronic music and brought the two together. As a founding member, Raph had the vision to collect musicians from a range of backgrounds and blend them into something special.

That blending doesn’t stop with the melodies, Raph’s production skills help create the entire soundscape you hear from the first second to the last and every possible fraction in between. Did you hear that? Not the first time and maybe not even the second. Go back and find the hidden gems Raph has hidden in the bowels of the song because I bet you missed a few”.

SUBTXT Bio – Blakey

Chris Blake (Blakey): Bass Guitar

SUBTXT - Blakey
SUBTXT – Blakey

“Blakey was born and the world changed forever. Coming from a background of bass driven ska punk his bass lines form more than just the rumble to be felt and not heard. Something different happens when his fingers move, he is one of those few bass players that captivate when playing alone. So when surrounded by SUBTXT’s collection of influences his sound does more than complete the rhythm section it completes the band. There is melody here, it will find you and you should let it.

Blakey has been the first stop for many artists looking for a new song. He is a prolific song writer, writing for more bands than he has been a member of. As founding member of SUBTXT, his song writing was a major driving force in attracting the other members to join”.

SUBTXT Bio – Vlad

TheOneTrueVlad: Drummer

SUBTXT - TheOneTrueVlad
SUBTXT – TheOneTrueVlad

“There is no thought here, just muse – music goes in and drums come out. For someone who spends most of his time thinking, it is surprising that nothing goes on in there when the noise starts. Thinking is not the only thing to disappear when the music starts, Vlad’s trademark calm demeanour dissolves into relentless flailing, making it hard not to dance to these driving beats.

It all started for Vlad in the village of Tiptoe, where by accident he became a drummer by “omission of an alternative” and played his first gig the night after buying his first kit. Since then many musical incarnations you have never heard of came and went, tantalising those that discovered him with hints of what might happen when the right band enlisted him. Is SUBTXT that band? You know it is”.