Nathan J Lark live on Hope Fm

On 28th October 2015 I appeared on the Livewire Live Show on Hope FM 90.1 – Nathan J Lark had asked me to come along and perform a couple of acoustic versions of his songs currently released as singles and soon to feature on his upcoming EP. So naturally I agreed and we had a great time in the studio with Tim Haywood and guest presenter AJ.

I have chopped up the hour and half plus show into just the bits with me for ease of listening. The two live acoustic tracks we played are provided separately. I would recommend listening to them in order.
All the sections are taken from between the two tracks we played. The first being No Answer and the second being Gods Of Karma.

Provided with permission of:
Nathan J Lark

Tim Heywood and Hope FM 90.1
Hope Fm

Peach Beach – Real Thing

Written by Rujiero

Recorded: 19th February 2015 live at Urban Beach, Boscombe.

Performed by:
Rujiero – Singer Songwriter and Rhythm Guitar.
Fernando “Touche” Mata Pelaez – Backing Vocals, Cajon and other Percussion.
TheOneTrueVlad – Composer and Bass Guitar.

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